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What do I like about the Brida Community? We speak about very different subjects; we learn a lot and have fun. We learn different ways to explain something. We learn together.Since I joined, I feel more at ease using English.
Student, Laval, France
A special thanks to you and Mary for taking us from the borders of our country to other countries and teaching us how a healthy and intimate a relationship can be. You taught us a big lesson that countries and borders cannot limit thoughts, memories and humanity. Thank you very much for teaching me how to be patient, how to change, how to challenge.
Baku, Azerbaijan
Thank you. You teach us many things. You broaden our perspective.
Levent, Antalya, Turkey
How is the Brida Community linked to my life? Another way the community is linked is asking it for advice. I know I can ask questions about topics that interest me, and I get ideas and opinions because of the heterogenous nature of the community.
Julia, Mannheim, Germany
Knowing English, even a little bit like me is fantastic because we can contact people from around the world. Not every day, but I reach people from many countries, and they speak other languages different from Portuguese, my mother tongue. English makes the world smaller, and here, at The Brida Community, I hope to do it tinier and tinier.
Ismar, Campo Grande, Brazil
We are motivated because we really need to progress, and also happy to see you again with your fantastic teaching.
Nathalie H. Seoul, South Korea
This week we had visitors in our office. One of them was from Sweden, and he speaks English as an everyday language. So, I was forced to speak a little bit of that, what I think it could be English. First, I was a bit frightened about that, but it was fun… sometimes I want to thank you for that.
Martin, Kassel, Germany
Dear Frank, I enjoyed very much to study English with you. Brida Community is great!
Lisa, Manaus, Brazil
You're awesome! I'm so grateful for your classes and for encouraging me to get better at my English. You do your job with excellence 👏🏼🙌🏼 Props to you!!😀
Rosella, Sao Paolo, Brazil

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