Good morning everybody,

My name is Frank and I’m happy to meet you all. I know, some of you like the photos I have posted, but I thought it would be fun to do something different.

Today is October 24, 2022. It’s almost 7.00 am. I am an early bird. It’s going to be another warm day today. We are experiencing an Indian Summer here. That means the weather is a little warmer before we plunge into the depths of winter. When the sun shines and the leaves have turned into beautiful golden and red, it’s really beautiful.  

So, who is this person that is speaking to you today? Well, the profile picture is me. It was taken about 4 years ago. Now, you can put a face to the name.

Ok, I am 61 years old. I help people improve their English. I have been doing this for over 28 years. I was born in Germany. As a child, I lived in Japan for four years, and then I spent the rest of my childhood living in Australia, for 14 years. My family returned to Germany, and I lived there for about six years. After that I moved around a bit and lived in England, Belgium, Germany again. Finally, 15 years ago, my wife and I moved to France.

I have two children and two grandchildren.

As I said, I have been helping people for over 28 years with their English. But I’ll tell you a little bit more about that later. Have a great morning. Speak to you later.